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New Jersey Sucks, Alaska Rules, and Driving is a Right!

The Headline Says it all, plus Squashy’s Male Pouch, Wasilla Steve, and More!

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Liberty 101 with Maverik

Travis loses his mind, his religion and his chains but, still has his guns. bipcot.org Check out FreeTalkLive, Freedom Feens.com, and School Sucks Podcast for more coherent freedom oriented information. Send hate mail to MaverikFeen@gmail.com      

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I think this is the 100th episode of your Second Favorite Podcast, now network-free and independent like me! Big name guests Massad Ayoob and Jon Hodoway discuss the current war on gun owners and the ammo crisis. Mas and Jon … Continue reading

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Gun Control Discussion

I had a discussion on air with my friend Thommy Noodlez last week on his show, Idiots In A Box. We kept it clean and fun. No one was injured during the recording of the show.

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Thoughts on Liberty…and The Listener Feedbag

For the first February episode, I answer the piles of listener feedback in the Listener Feedbag segment. For the remainder of the show I talk about what’s on my mind. Glock brags that it sells 25,000 guns to the Imperialist … Continue reading

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Now What?

President Obama has ben re-inaugurated. You want to lash out, you want someone to blame. May I suggest refocusing your energy on making a positive change. Do you want to know what to do? Here is a simple way to … Continue reading

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Live Free Or Die

A Freedom Rant from your second favorite podcast plus a review of the Leatherman Wave.

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A Windy Trucker

Ah, Sunday! A day of peace, a day of podcasts. In this episode I kvetch about Rahm Emanuel in Gun-Free Chicago. If you are a partisan liberal of the Democrat persuasion, you ain’t going to love me or this show … Continue reading

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