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The RoadGunner Podcast is hosted and produced by The Un-Named Trucker, aka Charles “Chaz” Murray.

The Un-Named Trucker is solely responsible for the content of this site.

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  1. Brice says:

    If you ever get up to Montana you can come shoot a USPSA match with me. I’ve got a fair place to park your truck and you can borrow my old beater truck to get around town. USPSA matches happen 3rd Saturday of the month starting in March and running through October. http://www.magiccityactionshooters.org/
    You’ll find steel challenge matches and at least two 3 gun matches here in town as well.

  2. Ryan says:

    New banner looks great!

  3. Capt Dave says:

    Hey, man, Capt Dave here from Tallahassee.

    Enjoy your show!

    I’m listening to episode 11? ore thereabouts….and you’re slamming Bank of America for ditching you for “paying your credit cards on time.”

    You miss the point.

    They dont WANT you to pay on time…. comprende, compadre?


  4. Land is cheap in Bend. Next time you’re out here I’d love to shoot with you. You’re my 3rd favorite gun podcast!

  5. Randy Fields says:

    Hey fellow trucker, I really enjoy your podcast! Keep up the good work. New to the iPhone/podcast world, but learning more everyday.
    Lifetime CCW permit holder in Indiana. Love to throw some lead with you someday/somehow.

  6. Clifton Smith says:

    Heres a link to help make concealed carry permits easier to get in NJ! It needs 10000 signatures maybe your listeners could help!

  7. Jr says:

    Love the show, how about you put a link to your facebook on here someplace? I cant find the ya :-/

    Keep up the good shows and be safe

  8. Gregg Chrissakis says:

    Chaz, love the show. I’ve been listening since the beginning and even left you an early iTunes review. I’m the California Highway Patrolman based out of Visalia, CA not too bar from Willow Ranch BBQ in Buttonwillow. I was listening to one of your most recent casts about the Kershaw Leek. You mentioned you considered getting a Cold Steel push knife. Dude! I’ve got one, like new, that I’ll send you… Free! It’s the Safekeeper II and I bought it to wear on my duty belt. It was a little too big, so it’s been sitting in a drawer in my locker at work for about 8 years. I forgot I owned it until you mentioned it. If you send me a mailing address I’ll get it to you right away. I’m well aware of confidentiality issues, so be assured your info is safe. Also, look me up when you’re pulling through central California next. I’d love to meet up with you for lunch, on or off-duty. Stay safe driver. -Gregg C.

  9. Tony says:

    Hey Chaz, We have a few things in common… We both log a lot of miles in a truck and both like 1911’s but carry Glocks. While learning to carry, I developed a side business that helps concealed carry enthusiast and police officers carry more comfortably & safely and would like to discuss a possible product review on your show.

  10. Muncy says:

    Have you heard that Nighthawk Custom training center is having a little trouble with their plans to expand the facility from the County Planning Commission. Apparently the COMMISSAR is not a believer in the Second Amendment.

  11. Glen Tate says:

    Hi. I am the author of a ten-book prepper novel series called 299 Days. (See http://www.299Days.com.) Nothing kooky, just good ol’ stuff.

    I’ve been on the Gun Dudes a couple of time, Gun Runner Podcast three or four times, and on Handgun World three times. Check out the interviews: http://299days.com/reviews/.

    Pardon me shamelessly inviting myself, but could I be on your show? Ask Bob Mayne how the number of down loads goes up when I’m on his show. That’s because I have several thousand readers and I promote the podcasts I’m on.



  12. Mike says:

    Hey Chaz!

    Love the show! Did I hear you once say you sometimes carry a KAHR CM9? I’m looking for a holster for mine and am wondering if you would recommend either the Micro Mamba or the Micro CE.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mike in MN

    • Thanks for listening, Mike! I get all my holsters from Concealment Solutions in the CE (Combat Edition) configuration. It’s hard enough to get a good grip on the Kahr CM9 in a holster with such a small handle on it in the first place. I think CE is definitely the way to go. Get 10% off when you use the coupon code chickenhammer
      and you are going to love your holster!

  13. Lance Sauer says:

    I need your help. From hearing all of your podcasts your the right man for the job. I’m going to be replacing my Hipoint C9 carry pistol with either a Glock 26 or SIG SAUER P250 sub compact. I have held both of them and I feel good about both of them. My question for you is since my last name is Sauer should that count more for the SIG.
    Let me know your answer. If you put this in the podcast you can use my full name.

  14. Lance Sauer says:

    I just got done listening to your February 12th episode and I decided to go with the glock 26 gen 3. Seems to be a good gun picked it up today. In response to your other response on the same episode about Militias. I have been part of the Kansas Militia for 1.5 years and I’m not afraid to talk about, nor do I think people should hide what they believe in. People generally have an image that militias are racist, offensive, bomb throwers, conspiracy theorists, and wanting to go to war with the government. There are groups that focus more on the previous list but they are a very small minority in the militia movement and that is also the groups the media focuses on. I’m of the mind that you put your money where your ideals are so I chose to be part of an actively training militia. I see citizen militia’s part of ways to decrease federal spending on military forces($17 trillion in debt),Improve national defense, having more citizens involved in communities, foster more trust between citizens and government, assist in natural disasters, and have a more self relent citizenry. I can not speak for the Western Kansas Militia (I not been elected for this duty) but I can speak for myself. I’m also a member of the Kansas Libertarian Party, NRA and the Kansas state Rifle Assosction
    Lance Sauer RN
    You can use any of this post on the podcast that you see fit including my name.

  15. Muncy says:

    Hey Brother, your rant on Road Taxes was hilarious, especially the instructions to and I quote “Shove your cranium up into your R***** Area. Because- SHUT UP”
    I heard this 8 hours ago and I’m still laughing-Thanks!!
    Your really should take your show on the road, oh you do. Never mind.

  16. chris says:

    He he he….. your funnyeee! (i mean your high pitched voice)

  17. James says:

    Good Morning Chaz,

    New listener here. Love the show so far, love your libertarian views. Was getting frustrated by the guyguys radio network being only republicans.

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