Listener FeedBag: Encounters with LEOs whilst Armed


This week the Listeners answer the questions! RGP die-hards describe their encounters with the Law while the go about armed in daily life. Plus Trucker’s rants and a very very special book review!

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A Conversation with Bob Mayne


Please welcome Bob Mayne back to the show. Listen to the Handgunworld Show like I do!

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Cop Talk With John McGregor


This week I talked with John McGregor of McGregor Media and Gunfighter Cast.

Hope You Enjoy It!


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Appendix A: Don’t Shoot Your D*** Off!


Listen Closely. Learn.

Grant Cunningham returns to enlighten us on appendicks carry and Scotch Whisky.

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Just Truckin’ Around Some


This week I talk a little more about the Garmin Dezl 570 LMT GPS and my new Garmin Dash Cam 20.

Then I ramble on about my thoughts on making money in trucking.

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New Jersey Sucks, Alaska Rules, and Driving is a Right!


The Headline Says it all, plus Squashy’s Male Pouch, Wasilla Steve, and More!

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Just Truckin’ Great


Trucker talks about trucking and rants on numerous topics.

Reviews of the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Class 8 Truck.

Garmin DēZL 570 Truckin’ GPS

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Trucker’s Texas Invasion


Last week I was in Texas, taking it over for my own use. People didn’t cooperate as planned so I hung out with some famous Texans: Bob Mayne and Ben Branam. We’re doing a class together along with my fellow Massad Ayoob Group Instructor, Tracy Thronburg in San Antonio in November and you can sign up here – Beyond Concealed Carry Advanced.

While you’re in the Alamo City area check out Sparks Firearms! They have a great selection and an awesome staff!

We had lunch at an awesome burger joint called Biff Buzby’s. Totally worth a trip!

Cooper’s barbecue in New Braunfels has the best brisket EVER! (And space enough for your bobtail or straight truck!)

Almost forgot; I had a very beer-soaked conversation with Tim Crosnoe about Project Appleseed.

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