Cop Talk With John McGregor


This week I talked with John McGregor of McGregor Media and Gunfighter Cast.

Hope You Enjoy It!


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Appendix A: Don’t Shoot Your D*** Off!


Listen Closely. Learn.

Grant Cunningham returns to enlighten us on appendicks carry and Scotch Whisky.

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Just Truckin’ Around Some


This week I talk a little more about the Garmin Dezl 570 LMT GPS and my new Garmin Dash Cam 20.

Then I ramble on about my thoughts on making money in trucking.

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New Jersey Sucks, Alaska Rules, and Driving is a Right!


The Headline Says it all, plus Squashy’s Male Pouch, Wasilla Steve, and More!

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Just Truckin’ Great


Trucker talks about trucking and rants on numerous topics.

Reviews of the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Class 8 Truck.

Garmin DēZL 570 Truckin’ GPS

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Trucker’s Texas Invasion


Last week I was in Texas, taking it over for my own use. People didn’t cooperate as planned so I hung out with some famous Texans: Bob Mayne and Ben Branam. We’re doing a class together along with my fellow Massad Ayoob Group Instructor, Tracy Thronburg in San Antonio in November and you can sign up here – Beyond Concealed Carry Advanced.

While you’re in the Alamo City area check out Sparks Firearms! They have a great selection and an awesome staff!

We had lunch at an awesome burger joint called Biff Buzby’s. Totally worth a trip!

Cooper’s barbecue in New Braunfels has the best brisket EVER! (And space enough for your bobtail or straight truck!)

Almost forgot; I had a very beer-soaked conversation with Tim Crosnoe about Project Appleseed.

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NRA Annual Meeting 2015


This episode contains a lot of fun audio from the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. I didn’t talk to any of the manufacturers because it was a last minute trip and I didn’t have a Media Badge. Also I just didn’t care.

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Liberty 101 with Maverik


Travis loses his mind, his religion and his chains but, still has his guns.

Check out FreeTalkLive, Freedom, and School Sucks Podcast for more coherent freedom oriented information. Send hate mail to




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