Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens


This week, Travis chats with Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens. Michael outs Travis as the admin of the infamous parody Twitter account @CantwellGoo and from there the conversation wanders off into interesting rabbit holes. Hold on to your cat barbs and enjoy the ride. WORMS!




MWD and the hamster in his brain.



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Melissa and Toby: Corrected Audio


THIS IS NOT A NEW EPISODE! This is the interview with Melissa and Toby from the last episode with the audio fixed. Because Pros make it right.

Listen to Toby and Melissa on the Armed Couples Podcast!

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Melissa and Toby from The Armed Couples Podcast and also a Hobbit Trucker


Sometimes I do Show Notes. This ain’t one of those times.

Check out the Armed Couples Podcast!

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Mea Culpa


Sometimes I say things that I mean, but that  don’t necessarily belong in the public sphere. A few weeks ago I mocked a grown man for crying on his podcast. There’s nothing wrong with a grown-ass man showing emotion…alone in shame in a dark room somewhere. I get it. I’ve become weepy over silly things like movies. The person I impugned is an extremely accomplished, ambitious and successful man whom I admire for his impassioned rants against the Left and unmatched knowledge of firearms. I just don’t think that soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen go into combat so old men can have better knee-replacement surgery. It is bad enough that they are tricked into sacrificing their young lives for the evil desires of politicians who hide behind the Flag and wrap themselves in the American Mythology; that my friends, is a crime for which I hope Karma has a particularly nasty punishment.

Weer’d Beard clarifies the term “complexity” when dealing with Spirits in an audio response.


O’dell 90 Schilling Ale

Kershaw Launch 3 Automatic (DEADLY SWITCHBLADE!!! eek! Just Kidding.)


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2016 SHOT Show Wish List


This week, Travis phones it in to the Show with his 2016 SHOT Show wish list of stuff that can absolutely never happen. Chaz chimes in with his own wish that Grant Cunningham will start a new line of Kombucha cultured with his own body yeast.



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News and Reviews


I hope 2016 is being less than shitty to you,

Pelican 1920 Flashlight

BladeTech Total Eclipse OWB/IWB ambidextrous holster.

Galco V-Hawk all leather IWB holster.

Whately Diner in Whately, Mass.

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10 Non-Gun Holiday Gift Ideas For Gun People And Nog Reviews Too





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HalfCast: “Why?”: The Most Dangerous Question


TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains thoughts and ideas that will make you uncomfortable. Listener discretion is advised.

The opinions expressed on this podcast reflect those solely of the host and should not be considered the beliefs of the sponsors nor co-hosts. No sponsors are mentioned during this show.



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