That’s Just Disrespectful


This week I invited Ken Kowalski of The RimFire Podcast and Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio to join me to talk about their joint venture, Modern Rifleman Radio.

Mayhem ensues.

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After 11/30/2013 you normal 10% off promo code CHICKENHAMMER will be the one to use for all your concealed carry gear.

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One Response to That’s Just Disrespectful

  1. John says:

    Just got my purrrty Concealment Solutions Black Mamba CE for M&P Shield 40 in the mail today. I used your code for ridiculous, over the top, unheard of and unmatched savings of 11%. Thank you very much. It’s my first IWB holster and found an excuse to go out tonight just so I could wear it. I put it on expeditiously and couldn’t get the gun in! WTH? Tried a couple more times then dropped me drawers to see…..I clipped it in upside down. I am a dumb dumby. But anyway, quickly solved that and went out. It is dreamy. Great feel, superb craftsmanship. Thank you Jason! Now, would you kindly remind me in your next show which end of the gun I point at the bad guy? Joking of course, full day tomorrow at the range practicing to draw from IWB with my new favorite gun coozy.

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