Gear Fest 2013


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This week I talked about several different topics like knives, BBQ, belts and hiking boots. I also got into my own head and let it all out into the recorder. Marvel at my ramblings.

Topics covered:

Dink’s BBQ in Rogers, AR. Get the pulled pork. DO NOT ask them to pull yours first.

Cabela’s in Rogers I-540 exit 82. Go east to the store. Truckers take the very right into the 1st drive-way at the West end of the store; take a left around the back of the store past the loading docks and head straight towards the Target at the end of the lot. The tractor-trailer parking is clearly marked on your left.

Spydrco’s Delica 4 is an awesome EDC choice.

I switched to Keen hiking boots from Merrell because of their superior construction, comfort, and waterproofing.

For casual, tactical and practical gun belts, I’m digging the Wilderness Tactical Titanium Instructor Belt.



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2 Responses to Gear Fest 2013

  1. Guy Whelan says:

    I was just listening to your experiences with irate drivers. I’ve found that when they yell at you and gesture that you are number one to them, all you have to do is smile and wave. It lets them know that you saw them and that you aren’t effected by their rant. This accomplishes two things. First of all, they know that they didn’t cause you to have a bad day just because they really want you to. Second, they will think that you are a complete nut case, because everybody knows that if you get yelled and gestured at in traffic, the only logical response is to yell and gesture back.
    Love your show, keep up the good work. And continue to work toward the job of your dreams. You spend 1/3 of your life doing a job that almost everyone calls “WORK”. If you enjoy what you do, then you can go to your job and “PLAY” instead of “WORK”
    God Bless,
    Guy Whelan

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