Ramblin’ Man with Two Flashlights.


This week I talk about my impression of the Surefire P2X Fury Defender and Surefire G2X Pro flashlights.

I also talked about my preferred hiking footwear, The Merrell Moab line of shoes.

Arkansas has made good changes to their gun laws with Act 746 but the Attorney General (Douchebag) Dustin McDaniel has stated that the law doesn’t say what it says in his opinion

Arkansas Carry Open Carry Event

Lake Ouchita State Park is a great vacation spot.

Indian Rockhouse



The Shack


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2 Responses to Ramblin’ Man with Two Flashlights.

  1. Muncy says:

    Thanks for the update on the Un-Named State’s Carry Status. I also agree with you, I don’t want my name attached to the case law that decides this issue, either!

  2. TLP says:

    Bravo! Great show!

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