IMG_20130327_110009_588I think this is the 100th episode of your Second Favorite Podcast, now network-free and independent like me!

Big name guests Massad Ayoob and Jon Hodoway discuss the current war on gun owners and the ammo crisis. Mas and Jon are sponsors of the show through the Massad Ayoob Group and Nighthawk Custom Training Academy. Check them out by clicking their logos at the right side of this page.

Paul Lathrop describes a Tasty vist to the Petro in Clearwater, Minnesota with some fine broadcast quality audio. Try the apple fritters. Check out his podcast, The Politics and Guns Podcast on the Gun Rights Radio Network!

The Un-Named Trucker opines on the silliest suggestion for a truck gun EVER!

You need legal help and advice after a self defense incident. Check out the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

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One Response to 100

  1. Muncy says:

    Well Chaz you saved the best for number 100, however I was really hoping for a nice manly voiced song from you! The Apple Fritter Waffles and sides look and sound great but I try not to go above the Mason-Dixon line- Do you think I could get those Mail ordered?
    I’ll be in line when you start teaching.
    Muncy Out!

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