Gun Control Discussion


I had a discussion on air with my friend Thommy Noodlez last week on his show, Idiots In A Box. We kept it clean and fun. No one was injured during the recording of the show.

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8 Responses to Gun Control Discussion

  1. Kellen says:


    Great show.

    You forgot to mention to the idiot in a box that you can’t compare drivers license to gun ownership because driving a car is a privledge and not a constitutional protected right.

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    What a weirdo. He wants more Big Brother because he doesn’t trust anybody.

    I want LESS Big Brother because I don’t trust Big Brother. I suspect his lack of knowlege on the Constitution is similar to his knowlege of history.

    Great Show, and great job on talking common sense to somebody who had little.

  3. Craig says:

    Your friend needs help. He has a disease or something. Why would anyone in their right mind want big brother in every aspect of their life?

  4. PhilaBOR says:

    That Thommy is one scary dude. “I want Big Brother in everything”. I think he has a place in Barak Obama’s third term administration (after they discard the outdated idea of letting Republicans run for office)
    He should read 1984 and A Brave New World, but I doubt it would help.
    Thanks for doing the interview, maybe one or two of their listeners saw some light.

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