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Hiya, Gang! I’m gonna try something new here at the RoadGunner Podcast since ya’ll have been so generous as to provide me with a new mobile computin’ platform: Blogging!

Oh how exciting!

I’m currently haunting the parking lot of the Travel Centers of America truck stop and world’s largest outdoor urinal in Santa Nella, California.

It’s been an awesome day today, the weather is spectacular and the weekday driving has been a breeze in the wilds of California’s San Joaquin Valley. I’ve seen quite a few signs along the route that say “Stop The Congress Created Dust Bowl.” It’s brutally dry out here RoadGunners; even the hearty weeds are dying of thirst. Without water brought down from Northern California via the California Aquifer, this area would remain a barren dry lake bed from ancient times. With the Aquifer however, it has become America’s produce basket.

Some time ago, Congress decided that the Delta Smelt, a diminutive fish that lives in the Aquifdr was far more imporant than providing jobs and food to humans and began reducing the water allotment to California’s farms, orchards and such.

What I saw today and have been observing for some time now confused me. Some orchards and vineyards were clearly dead while others were clearly thriving. There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason for which operations were allowed to have water and which were allowed to thrive.

Whose pockets are been lined with money to keep some ag businesses alive and some are left to wither?

I’m pointing the finger at Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Governor Moonbeam.

My livelihood is interconnected deeply with California produce. As a team driver hauling coast to coast, I spend a lot of time picking up produce and delivering it to various distribution centers for major suppliers you would no doubt be familiar with.

It’s a shame that politicians are allowed to jack with human life in this way for their own pleasure and power.

California is a great place. It’s a shame that the citizens of this fine State continue to elect rulers who are working diligently to destroy it.


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