Stoopid Safety


The Un-Named Trucker & Nick talk Stoopid Safety: things that are supposed to make you safer but don’t.


Bystanders in Empire State Building murder shot by NYPD: Gunman Dies After Killing at Empire State Building, additional links & commentary from Miguel over at Gun Free Zone.

Chicago: 5 dead, at least 16 wounded in weekend shootings. Also, Chicago Homicides Outnumber U.S. Troop Killings In Afghanistan.

The dishonestly-titled CBS San Francisco scare piece ‘Bullet Button’ Used To Get Around California Gun Laws prompted State Senator Leland Yee to introduce SB 249, which would have retroactively made thousands of law-abiding California gun owners felons with the stroke of a pen. The actual assault weaons law explicitly permits devices like the Bullet Button magazine release, which the bill sought to ban.

The case of Jackson v San Francisco challenges San Francisco’s “safe” gun storage laws, prohibition of discharging a firearm for any purpose (including self defense), and ammunition restrictions. It’s one of many brought by the NRA Institute for Legislative Action and the California Rifle & Pistol Association Foundation, which is one of the many reasons it’s so important to support these organizations and others like them: they’re out there getting our backs, and it aint free.

Gun control in general is really a safety program for people who want to hurt other people with impunity – see theĀ JPFO Genocide Chart (PDF).

Not mentioned in the episode, but also ridiculous: in Lousiana, only full-time law enforcement officers can have “rescue knives”:

As used in this Subsection, a “rescue knife” is a folding knife, which can be readily and easily opened with one hand and which has at least one blade which is designed to be used to free individuals who are trapped by automobile seat belts, or at least one blade which is designed for a similar purpose. No blade of a rescue knife shall exceed five inches in length.

Who besides a police officer could ever need to cut a trapped person out of a car?

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mark Craighead of Crossbreed Holsters, who recently passed away.

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One Response to Stoopid Safety

  1. Paul in Massachusetts says:

    Hi Unnamed Trucker,

    Just listened to the podcast while grocery shopping. You really do need to get the audio back on track, but the content makes it worth hanging in there through the difficulties.

    You asked on the podcast about the heavy Massachusetts trigger and I think I have your answer. There are a bunch of overlapping and confusing laws governing what can be sold in MA and how we must transport/store/use them after purchase. The bit that covers the infamous MA trigger pull comes out of child safety laws. According to MGL c140 s131K as quoted in 940 CMR 16.05, a firearm must have “a mechanism which effectively precludes an average five year old child from operating the handgun when it is ready to fire; such mechanisms shall include, but are not limited to: raising trigger resistance to at least a ten pound pull….”


    So there you have it, I can’t buy a gun with a trigger pull of less than 10 pounds because we have to protect the 5-year-olds. Of course, there’s lots of folks that just automatically add the cost of a trigger job to the cost of the gun when shopping because it’s the first thing they get done.

    Thanks again for the show. I think I’m headed off to the range now for some target practice.

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