First Aid First Hand From Afghanistan


This week Nick and I interview Ken Kowalski of The Rimfire Podcast and quiz him on fun stuff like sucking chest wounds and .22 conversion kits.

Here’s some links for stuff we talked about.

TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) guidelines about providing care under fire (2011 edition)

Comparison of Hemostatic Efficacy of ChitoGauze and Combat Gauze in a Lethal Femoral Arterial Injury in Swine Model
Online view in Google Docs:

Contents of the pocket blow-out kit

This stuff takes up about as much room as a wallet:


Hemcon ChitoGauze (hemostatic)

SWAT-T Tourniquet/Pressure Dressing


NPA (Nasopharyngeal Airway, size 28 Fr) + lube


NAR 14ga x 3.25″ chest decompression needle

Heart attack

Aspirin, 325mg

Allergic reactions

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)

Personal Protection

Gloves, nitrile (x4)
These are the chest seals Ken was talking about:

NAR HyFin Chest Seal

I carry the Halo brand in my medium & large kits (mainly because the manufacturer explicitly states that you can fold them up for carry but they don’t have an easy-to-see red pull-tab like the HyFins):
Civilian tactical medicine courses
NorCal MedTac
Lone Star Medics
Suarez International
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