Trucker Returns! Interviews with Nighthawk Custom


I had a blast at MAG-40 in Centerton, Arkansas last week as an ASSistant intrucructor. Luckily I proved myself worthy and shot a perfect 300 out of 300 score on the pace-setter for the Qualifier. Before the students shoot, the instructors take a turn at the line to show the students what to expect. I was nervous at the prospect of shooting poorly while 34 students watched, but I prevailed. The top student shooter scored 298 out of 300. Bob Mayne of the Handgun World Podcast shot a respectable 292, but he still owes me dinner!

This week’s show contains interviews from Craig Gholson, CEO of Nighthawk Custom and Shawn Armstrong, Director of Training and Special Initiatives at Nighthawk Custom. Gail Pepin provides jargon alerts and Massad Ayoob provides relevant questions.

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  4. Speaking of adverse conditions, when we spoke with Wiley Clapp, he mentioned that, ideally, he actually prefers that a “hard use” 1911 pistol (a gun intended for long-term, high-round-count military infantry-type use in adverse combat conditions) have a little bit “sloppier” slide-to-frame fit, in order to enhance reliable operation in combat envrironments. Mr. Clapp believes that a proper slide to barrel fit is usually enough to ensure adequate combat accuracy, provided the slide to frame fit isn’t overly loose. However, having said that, he was quick to add “I didn’t have any malfunctions with [them], though, in shooting all of those rounds through either one of them. So the point may, in the case of the Nighthawk at least, be moot, because they do work.” When I asked him if he would have any hesitation about carrying the Nighthawk GRP as a concealed carry gun for self protection, Mr. Clapp responded that he would have no hesitation whatsoever in that regard. He noted during our phone conversation that he currently has two Nighthawk Custom GRP 1911 pistols ( GRP and GRP Recon ) in his possession, and, as of our interview, had put approx. 300-400 rounds through each pistol with zero malfunctions.

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