HalfCast: Take a Leek


This week’s HalfCast is a review of the high quality, nifty little Kershaw Leek pocket folder.

Additionally, Paul Lathrop of The Politics and Guns Podcast gives us another great restaurant review.

Kershaw Leek, closed, right side.

Kershaw Leek, open, right side.

Kershaw Leek in Un-Named Hand.

Blade close-up.

Blade safety close-up.


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One Response to HalfCast: Take a Leek

  1. Nathan says:

    Don’t be scared!! The Leek is a great everyday pocket knife. I am somewhat of a amateur knife guy. I have carried this Kershaw for several years as an everyday knife. I do carry it point down inside my pocket with the clip out. I do not use the safety latch since it takes away from the “one-handed” operation. I would highlight that the blade not only comes out of the box very sharp but it also holds and edge extremely well and is easy to maintain and sharpen. Usually you only get one or the other since hard metals hold an edge but are harder to sharpen and soft metals need to be sharpened often but are easier to do so. In addition to the blade those of you who want to carry this knife full time you can be assured that the small screws that hold the belt clip will not strip out leaving you with a loose clip ( I hated that with so many of my previous knives!!).
    When this model came out several years ago I was so impressed that I researched Kershaw and Ken Onions relationship and discovered later that they also produce the “Shun” kitchen cutlery collection. I dropped the dough and bought the majority of the collection for my wife. This collection is by far the best knives I have ever used in the kitchen.
    When I heard your podcast and your concerns for the everyday carrier I thought that I would drop you a line in hopes that it might change your mind.
    My model differs a little form yours, I have the all medal edition. No plastics grips so I assume that mine might be a little slicker than yours but with a nice sharp blade you dont have to put much force on the knife.
    Also, if you are looking for a gift for your wife take a look at the “Chive” Rainbow. It is titanium-oxide coated handle with a titanium-oxide stainless steel 420HC. The treatment of this knife causes a rainbow effect that changes from purple to blue to green. The chive is very similar to the Leek just smaller with a different blade shape. Great for onpening boxes, mail and cutting small things. I got my wife one and she loves and carries it everywhere.

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