The Triumphant Return of Jon Hodoway


In celebration of The RoadGunner Podcast welcoming Nighthawk Custom Training Academy on board as a sponsor, I traveled to Centerton, Arkansas to get the executive tour of the facility, audit a class, and hammer out the details of the sponsorship with Big Sexy himself.

The class I attended was Intro to IDPA which is an excellent name for a class. This is a class for noobs, beginners, greenhorns, and rookies. Instructor Haneesh Bagga walked us through the rules, the basics and a few extras. Well worth $35 for those folks who would like a few lessons and pointers instead of going with the sink or swim approach to participating in your first match.

So what do you get in this week’s episode? Interviews. The interviews: Jon “Big Sexy” Hodoway and Haneesh Bagga.

Haneesh Bagga on the right.

A fancy Nighthawk Custom 1911


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  1. arthur a wiley says:

    the second amendment to the UNITED STATES Constitution does NOT apply to other Nations and Peoples!
    Leave the Afghanis to their knives and clubs, they are not concerned about our U.S. rights!

    • Considering that the Second Amendment is ignored by those It was intended to limit, the Amendment doesn’t apply to anybody. The right to self defense is a natural right and is inalienable- it applies to all human beings regardless of artificial constraints of nationality placed upon them by accident of birth.

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