Rants and Reviews


This week the show is chock full of content. I talk about the Secretary of Offense disarming the Marines. I don’t say nice things about him either.

In nicer talk: a review of the CRKT My Tighe.

And an interview with Chris Davis of Rivervalley Gun Works who worked on my Sig 1911 C3.

I also discuss Michigan gun laws.

This week’s restaurant review smells like¬†patchouli oil.

Look at my Sig and be envious!


Big Bore!

Short Reach Trigger by Greider Precision


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2 Responses to Rants and Reviews

  1. Chemsoldier says:

    So, you wanted feedback on the Panetta – Marine disarmament thing. I consider the incident much ado about nothing caused by partisan politics. The disarming of the Marines for a mass speech is not unusual for that kind of event, though disarming suddenly is kind of unusual. In 2003 right after the invasion of Iraq Rumsfeld came and spoke at my FOB. We were not allowed to bring our weapons in. The nation was riding high after Afghanistan and the successful invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration’s popularity was high and operations tempo was not a problem in the military yet. Its the way the secret service wanted it. Whether it is the right thing to do is a separate matter, but it is the norm for both parties in the 21st century.

    Afghans, weapons and the Marines.
    1. You stated that the Afghans just shouldnt be allowed to have guns period (13:34), yet later in the podcast you described the 2A as a fundamental human right bestowed upon humans by our creator. That means Afghans have a right to be armed.
    2. Those Marines are there to advise and assist the Afghans. Their primary focus is training, leading and setting the example so the Afghans can do this on their own later. Part of that is living, eating, sleeping and operating with the Afghans. Building their trust on the individual level. Lack of trust, lack of mutual respect and feelings of lost honor are among the reasons that ANA soldiers sometimes shoot American soldiers. If you are going to take away ANA weapons you HAVE to take away US weapons or the ANA will RIGHTLY take that as not only a lack of trust but a lack of respect. In summary, if you are going to train the Afghans you have to do this. Whether we should be there, whether we should be training the Afghans is a COMPLETELY separate issue, if this mission is being done, you have to handle it in the manner that it was (but you put the no weapon order out sooner).

    The outrage over this incident was fueled by partisanship and lack of context. The sudden requirement to disarm after they had already started to assemble I am guessing, due to its grabastic nature, was a military chain of command decision. The USSS advance team would have let the Marines know this way ahead of time if that was a requirement like when Rumsfeld visited my unit. Either way you slice it I dont see this being anything that reflects on Panetta, he is a busy dude dealing with a lot of things, he does not have the time or visibility on these event arrangements to make a judgement on him.

    I am not saying this is your fault Trucker, it isn’t, you are reacting the way you should but the sources dont give the whole story, we are going to see more and more of this going into the election. It isnt enough to disagree with a politician’s political views and not vote for him. The partisan media wants to convince us that the politicians they dont like are evil, will destroy the country and eats babies for a hobby. I find it particularly irksome as a libertarian. The Republican talking heads piss me off in this way because they are going apesh*t at the idea of another 4 years of Obama but wont clean their own house. To them I say, “Look *ssholes. I am a libertarian and havent had a major political party candidate that I liked in my entire lifetime. So your panicked bleating and manufactured outrages don’t impress me. Where was your panic when TARP was passed? When the Patriot Act was passed, or the TSA created?”

  2. Thanks for the input, Chem. I definitely spoke without knowing all the facts and I partially retreated on my stance on the matter in a later episode. The Afghans definitely have. right to bear arms, as do all men and women. On another note, Thank for he iTunes review!

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