Energizer Flashlight Review and Interview


The title of your mid-week HalfCast contains everything you need to know about (aboot for you Canadians) this episode. Enjoi!

Energizer Flashlights and lighting products.

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One Response to Energizer Flashlight Review and Interview

  1. Adrian Hains says:

    I think that the ITP flashlights are one of the more popular ‘cheap’ options among the flashlight people. Have you used an ITP A2 to where you can compare? Personally I would rather spend a few more bucks to step up to something awesome like the 4sevens high CRI Quark Mini (http://www.4sevens.com/product_info.php?cPath=297_456&products_id=2818). I have the high CRI CR123 variation and totally love it, but of course it is less convenient to find those batteries. I bought a high CRI Preon for a Christmas present for my cousin, and this is my favorite tiny option (1xAAA battery). I have a hard time expecting energizer to put out top notch quality, but there is nothing to necessarily prevent them. I guess I am more likely to go super cheap (like when I get a new flashlight for the kids, that they will undoubtedly lose), or spend an extra 10-20 bucks and get something I know is outstanding.

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