Episode 31: Know Before You Go!


In this mighty episode of the show I sit in my Mighty Throne of Judgement and dispense wisdom about what one fourth year medical student from Tennessee SHOULD have done before visiting the ultra snotty New York City.

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6 Responses to Episode 31: Know Before You Go!

  1. JP says:

    I’ve heard 3-4 DIFFERENT stories of this exact situation. A tourist in NYC wants to check their gun and gets nailed.

    My only word of advice is if you are carrying a firearm, stay in the United States. Don’t go to third world crapholes like NYC, Massachusetts, California and New Jersey.

  2. justen wendt says:

    hey trucker, i really enjoy your podcast. however, this story has been covered ad-nauseum by every other gun-related podcast including the ones on the grrn. shows what a insular circle we operate in. a lot of grrn podcasters have resorted to just interviewing each other for show content and or covering the same news events. i honestly cant say that your version of the events added anything new. sorry for the bitching……cant please everyone. i still rate your show 5 stars.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment and thanks for listening. I felt compelled to add my own commentary to this much covered story despite the fact that I added it well after many other more listened to shows. I like my opinion A LOT. The next few (two-ish) shows are going to cover SHOT show just like every other gun podcast in the Northern Hemisphere. AND you will hear Tom from the GunDudes on at least one of them. One thing to remember is that most of this do this for free as a hobby. 15 shows about the same hobby are going to have some overlap. That said, I welcome your “bitching” because it’s helpful. I want you to know that I am aware of the overlap overkill; you are not alone in your observations, and I just used a semicolon incorrectly.


  3. Paul Lathrop says:

    Your guest restaurant reviewer seemed to know what he was talking about, seemed intelligent, and I just bet he is handsome as well!

    Keep ’em coming Trucker!


  4. I listen when I get a chance. But the story about the Marine in NYC is the one that I am very interested in. (Similar to the Lady from TN) It was my website that he used. He stated he read all the laws on NY and NYC. Well he didn’t. His big error was he used his phone and couldn’t see the whole page. He ASSUMED when he saw NY and IN on the same line. Viewing on his phone he could not see the header to that listing that stated it was Indiana that honored NY and not NY honored IN. If he would have just went down a few more lines it showed that NY did not honor any other states permit/licenses. Make sure of the Laws/Regs when you go anywhere. Never trust just one source of information on the web. Double and Triple Check. It is you that will pay the price for breaking a law you never knew existed.

    Unnamed Trucker. Would love to be on your Pod Cast. Email me and maybe we can set something up if possible.

    Stay Safe,
    Gary Slider
    Co-Owner http://www.handgunlaw.us
    Member Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

    • Thanks for your comments and your invaluable website! I will contact you by email about an interview soon. It would be an honor to have you on. Your interview in Landline Magazine cemented my decision to permenantly exclude MA, MD, NY and NJ from my travels.

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