Episode 28: Resolve To Be Free!


Happy New Year, RoadGunners!

This episode contains my thoughts on Freedom and our ever eroding Constitutional rights.

Iowa gun laws.

Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, Missouri.

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4 Responses to Episode 28: Resolve To Be Free!

  1. Chuck D says:

    To the Un-Named Trucker —my fellow rabble rouser and road rebel!
    Good Podcast Brother!
    It’s good to see you drifting into issues of Liberty. I remember that thread on facebook well, and it was a spirited debate. In truth, it’s all a moot point to make now, since the NDAA has made indefinite detention and the assassination of American citizens the “Rule of Law”. These heinous acts have been codified into existence, and if you have listened to episode 16 of our Podcast (http://libertyorzombie.com/archives/309) we played a clip of our Executioner in Chief a year ago telling us that they needed to make it the “rule of law” to indefinitely detain threats; whether citizens or not.

    Thank you sir for this podcast!

    Liberty Always!
    Chuck D

  2. Norm says:

    Hey, the last time I went to Lambert’s I was “Turned away at the door” as Tom Gresham says. They had a big ole No Guns sign. we went back to the car, got in and went to Pizza hut. Good pizza, and didnt have to wait in line, or give up my rights.Hopefully they have come around, since that was in 2009 or so.
    Keep up the great podcasts, Ungrateful Trucker!!

    • Well heck, if that’s the case then I Un-recommend them. I didn’t notice the sign last time I ate there. Darn it. I’m amazed that my gun didn’t leap out of its holster and shoot somebody!

      • Norm says:

        My inability to eat food where the owners don’t like me has caused a little friction at home. Like the time we turned around at the door at P.F. Changs in Memphis when we had a reservation because of the sign that said i wasnt welcome!!

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