Episode 22: Double-Single


Because I love you people, I got a mobile broadband modem for my laptop. Now I can upload a show from places besides your average truck stop urine scented parking lot. You’re welcome. It’s a pre-paid data plan cuz’ the Un-Named wife (who verified once again today that she has never listened to the show) hates commiting to phone companies. I am so going to have to take advantage of the fact that she don’t listen…

In this jewel of an episode I review the “Get Some” Guns & Ammo store and range in Orem, UT. It’s a pretty neat place as far of the volume of guns and ammo they stock and the range is nice. It’s got a 25 yard max distance and can handle .50 BMG rounds as fired out of a Barrett .50 cal. The young staff needs a lesson in muzzle control so be aware of the hot little shits behind the counter with just enough knowledge to be worrisome.

And then there’s the guns. I fired a Smith and Wesson Model 500 and had to do a pants-check afterwards. Imagine taking a grenade, stuffing it into a pipe with a handle on it and pulling the pin and squeezing. It make big BOOM! I took a picture with my iPhone but it came out shite-y. In fact, all the pics came out shite-y. You’ll have to settle for links.

I decided to do an cheez-whiz to cheez-whiz comparison of Double Action/Single Action 9mm Service/Home defense pistols. All of these are guns that I haven’t fired before except the Sig P226. If you don’t know what DA/SA means, lookie here.

After shooting the big Magnum revolver I particularly enjoyed shooting the HK P30. It was gut. Ja.

Next up, was a gun I didn’t particularly enjoy shooting, nor did I like the quality, ergos, etc. The PX4 Storm by Beretta.

Then back to good guns like the HK USP Compact in 9mm. Nice but not as good as the P30.

Next up was the Frenchy and unremarkable FN FNX. Accurate gun, but Frenchy. This gun will make you surrender if attacked.

And I shot the popular Sig P226. A classic and well worth the price.

And instead of a restaurant review, I cook up a pork chop salad.

And I bought a new hat.

I like my show, so I put it on a hat.


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6 Responses to Episode 22: Double-Single

  1. Walt says:

    My cousin used to to drive a truck and was away from home for about a week at a time. I remember once when I was young, my cousin took his son, me, and another cousin on a road trip. Two of us had to ride in the back and it was cramped. I can’t imagine having to setup a mobile kitchen, at least not in that truck.

    The Smith & Wesson 500 sounds like fun but damn the rounds are expensive!

  2. porkchop says:

    Greetings fellow trucker,
    Love the show! Keep on ramblin’.
    My wife discovered crock pot liners about a year ago. These things virtually eliminate washing your crock pot. They’re sold at Wallyworld in the aisle with the aluminum foil.

    Those Frenchy FN’s are made right down the road from me in Columbia, SC. They produce these along with several other types of civilian and military arms including M16’s rifles, M240’s machine guns, and even the Winchester Model 70.

  3. Mark Miller says:

    The guys above give great info. My two cents are to go with a 45 acp for the stopping power. I wouldn’t buy a Glock until you have been shooting for a couple of years. My recommendation for a first weapon would be a Beretta. You could also get another make that has a safety that not only decocks the weapon like the Beretta, but also pulls the firing pin completely out of the reach of the hammer. The Glock does not do this, and hence it is easier for a shooter to get have a misfire or accidental discharge especially for a beginner. This I recommend strictly on a safety basis, until you are extremely comfortable handling the weapon. A reputable gun shop or gunsmith can help you select the weapon most appropriate for you. Taking the gun safety course is mandatory in my thinking. I’d then spend a lot of time on the range. I’d go at least once a week for the first couple of months you own the weapon. This will help you improve you aim, grouping, techniques, etc.. More importantly you will be building up experience safely handling the weapon in a proper environment for that.

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