Episode 20


More stuff that you should have on you or in your big rig or four-wheeler.

Surefire G2X Pro

Kershaw knives

Clif Bars

The Paleo Solution

Other stuff you need in the truck or car that you might want in an emegency:

Fire extinguisher, CB radio, tire gauge, tools, reflective warning triangles, road flares, duct tape, booze…

Big Wally’s Fishin’ stop, Coulee City, Washington






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2 Responses to Episode 20

  1. Walt says:

    Another good show. I’m in the market for a Flashlight to carry on my belt but I’m very resistent on dropping $100.00 on one. I’m not sure which route I’ll go at the moment but I’m sure it will be a lower priced solution.

    For a couple of years I was carrying a Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Knife as a utility blade. It came in handy on a variety of occasions but I wanted something a little better suited for utility work (my Xikar was a “Gentelmans Tool”). A listener sent me a couple of Spyderco Knives to add to my daily carry rotation. I’ve been carrying a Delica 4 for about a month now and I absolutely love that knife. The next knife to go into my rotation is a Spyderco Native 4. While I’m sure it will be a great knife, I’m a little sad to be rotating out the Delica.

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