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Episode 23: Rants and Raves and a visit with Jason Christensen

This is a long one folks, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t make it all the way through. I rant a bit about the TSA and the Border Patrol violating our Fourth Amendment rights with internal checkpoints. which TSA denies … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving (sort of) Special

Episode 23 of the show will air on Thanksgiving Day! It’s 90 big minutes of podcast glory. You might want to listen to half of it on Thursday and half of it on Sunday. The podcast will resume its regular … Continue reading

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Episode 22: Double-Single

Because I love you people, I got a mobile broadband modem for my laptop. Now I can upload a show from places besides your averageĀ truck stopĀ urine scented parking lot. You’re welcome. It’s a pre-paid data plan cuz’ the Un-Named wife … Continue reading

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Episode 21: At a GunDude’s Mansion/Bunker

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside the mansion of a GunDude? Me, either. Well, I went behind the scenes anyway and took my MP3 recorder with me to catch all the action at Travis’ house in Utah. I … Continue reading

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Concealment Solutions Thanks

Episodes 19 and 20 were recorded before the big sponsorship deal with Concealment Solutions. I just wanted to take the time to thank Jason Christensen again for sponsoring the program. My Black Mamba CE for my Glock 26 is by … Continue reading

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Episode 20

More stuff that you should have on you or in your big rig or four-wheeler. Surefire G2X Pro Kershaw knives Clif Bars The Paleo Solution Other stuff you need in the truck or car that you might want in an … Continue reading

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