Episode 19


Podcasting from the road again and making the title truthful.

This episode covers my personal everyday carry gear. It’s stuff I like and you are free to carry on your person whatever you like to. I hope that you find it entertaining to hear what I’m lugging around on my manly body both in and out of the truck, wether home or on the job.

As a less lethal option, I carry Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray for defense against four legged critters like rabid dogs, coyotes, squirrels, pandas, etc.

I like DeSantis Gunhide for my spare magazine pouches.

Gerber Suspension multi-tool.

Hold your fire(y pepper spray)


I like these shirts from 5.11 Tactical

I love these pants from Coulumbia Sportswear.




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One Response to Episode 19

  1. Walt says:

    When you started talking about your truck, I couldn’t help but think about Lincoln Hawk pumping iron or Jack Burton trash talkin’ over the radio. I love cheesy 80’s movies!

    You mentioned the rough backing of the Crossbreed. I can see where that would be beneficial, creating friction and not allowing the holster to move, but I find it tremendously uncomfortable. In fact, I can’t wear that holster without an under-shirt between it and my skin.

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