The Un-Named Trucker is pleased to announce that Concealment Solutions is now the official holster maker of The RoadGunner Podcast!

Please visit and Get Your Mamba On TODAY!

In more great news! Jon Hodoway would like to invite FIVE RoadGunner Podcast listeners to dinner at his house! Registrants of the MAG-40 class hosted by Nighthawk Custom Training Academy who claim themselves to be listeners of this here podcast will be invited to have dinner with Masssad Ayoob, Gail Pepin. The Un-Named Trucker and his wife along with Jon and his giant baby Mastiff. To get on this exclusive list and have a say in the menu (don’t ask for boiled puppy) email Mr. Bob Mayne of The Handgun World Show at tell him you are a fan of the RoadGunner Podcast and want to be on the list to have dinner at Jon Hodoway’s house during MAG-40. The first five registrants of the May 17-20 class to do so will get to eat at Jon’s house, look in his gun safe and generally be in awe of the immortals hanging out at his pad.

Do it quick! Spaces are running out in the 40 seat class!


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