Episode 17


This ‘lil gem of a show contains interviews with Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast fame and Jason Christensen fromĀ ConcealmentĀ Solutions.

You also get a recording of the presentation given by George Hill, the Mad Ogre about his weapon lubricant, Slipstream.

I am not paid to endorse Slipstream, but I heartily recommend it.

Next time you’re in Reno, check out Briscola.

Well, how do I get there?

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2 Responses to Episode 17

  1. Walt says:

    Another great show. I particularly enjoyed the interview with Daniel Shaw. Like Massad Ayoob, Daniel is one of those people that I can listen to talk for hours.

    The Concealment Solutions interview was interesting. I’m on the fence about getting a Black Mamba holster, mainly because I don’t *need* one (very happy with my Supertuck Deluxe). One of these days I’d like to get one just to try out. It sounds like a very comfortable design.

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