Episode 14 (or is it 500??) with Massad Ayoob, Jon Hodoway, and The GunDudes


This week I have a real sponsor for this episode, Thanks to Jason Christensen and Concealment Solutions, maker of high quality concealment holsters for your firearms. Made in the USA in the State of Utah, which the Brady Bunch scored a big succulent goose egg on their scorecard. Visit concealmentsolutions.com and order a Black Mamba for your gun today!

I may be blowing my post MAG-40 wad here, but since the class is still fresh in my mind and many GRRN podcasters are talking about it, I’m going to lay my best interviews out here on the table for all to see.

Also my real name is Chaz Murray and I live in Arkansas.

I will continue to do the show as The Un-Named Trucker and travel the 47 lower States (no New Jersey) with my safety rescue equipment with me. Safety rescue equipment including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO fire extinguishers, flares, reflective triangles, jumper cables, extra food, water, blankets, etc.

To me, The Un-Named Trucker is a metaphor for any of the thousands of big rig drivers in the USA who travel the nation safely and legally while discreetly carrying their safety rescue equipment. My Arkansas permit allows me to carry legally in 38 states outside Arkansas. My Utah and Florida permits provide me redundancy.

Massad Ayoob and The Un-Named Trucker

Daniel Shaw, Gail Pepin, Tommy the GunDude, and The Un-Named Trucker

Travis the GunDude, Jon Hodoway, and Carl the GunDude

Carl and Episode 14 Sponsor, Jason Christensen



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One Response to Episode 14 (or is it 500??) with Massad Ayoob, Jon Hodoway, and The GunDudes

  1. Walt says:

    Great show. The interview with Mas was short and sweet, the interview with Jon and the Gun Dudes was a riot.

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