Episode 11


Thanks to all of you who have given me iTunes reviews. At the time I had recorded this episode I had just one review. That has increased somewhat.

New For Episode 11, an air horn effect…wow.

This week on The RoadGunner Podcast, I do some road gunning at an indoor range in Lavonia, Georgia. The Guns and Gear store and indoor range is a nice clean place to shoot. It’s located at exit 173 off Interstate 85. There is a large dirt lot suitable for big rig parking a half block behind the range at a motel. I shot the Walther PPS 9mm and the Springfield Armory XDm 5.25. I never get around to actually saying it, but the 5.25 refers to the 5.25″ barrel length.

You also get a food tip for a regional chain and the folks they blatantly ripped off.

Here are some photos of the guns and my targets.


Springfield XDm 5.25

Links to Guns, Range, and Grub:

Ruger Gunsite Scout

Taurus Circuit Judge

Walther PPS

Springfield XDm 5.25

Guns and Gear, I-85 exit 173, Lavonia, GA

Concealment Solutions



Georgia Carry

Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers and Wings

Guthrie’s Chicken

Kennesaw, GA gun law.





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2 Responses to Episode 11

  1. Walt says:

    Regarding the Crossbreed Supertuck, I’ve heard that you can adjust the retention with a damp towel and a hairdryer. A friend of mine was having issues with the retention on his Crossbreed. He says that he put a call into Crossbreed and they told him they would be happy to take care of it for him, or he could warm up the kydex and adjust the retention himself. He opted to keep the holster and work on it himself, which worked out great from what I understand.

    Good show

    I’m a part time mini-van driver (my wife’s automobile). It’s good to know that I only suck part of the time….. LOL

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