Episode 9


What do you do when you need to practice gun handling but you are stuck in a rolling metal and plastic cubicle with a gorgeous spouse and two sorry excuses for canine beings?  I’ll tell you what you do, Sparky; you do a podcast about it and end up with a couple ideas.

At one point i describe to myself the five steps of the pistol draw from a hip holster. Step 3 should include rotating the elbow and pistol  so the gun is facing the target but keeps the firing arm tucked in close to the body in a “retention” position.

I need to point out that all opinions are welcome here. I am certain to piss off some more left minded folks with this episode when I discuss what I call “neo-liberalism” vs. classical liberalism. Whan I say classical liberal I mean what is known as libertarianism  today. Neo-liberals are those individuals, sometimes called progressives, that believe in only those freedoms that fit their ideology while rejecting vehemently, any opposing thought.

Me? I love freedom and I want to be left to alone so that I can go about my business and you can go about yours in whatever manner you desire. I do not want to take away the rights of those who are neo-libs, nor do I hate them for their views. We will see how they feel about me in return after this podcast!

My wife likes to eat chicken breasts, she does not HAVE chicken breasts.

SIRT Pistol by Next Level Training

Lone Wolf Distributors

USAF Thunderbirds!

Columbia Ulitimate ROC pants. Pockets big enough for a Glock 26

Cheyenne Frontier Days

New Belgium Brewing makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale

T-Joe’s Steakhouse, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Rob Pincus’ Personal Defense Network DVD’s


Stitcher Radio







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3 Responses to Episode 9

  1. Micropirate says:

    Pretty cool stuff sir!

  2. Thanks for the plug for Wisconsin CCW.. I’m a bit late getting to your podcasts, but I’m getting caught up. I’ve been enjoying your show very much.

    As of November 1, Wisconsinites can apply for a CCW permit and there are a number of states permits that are honored here. Not quite Constitutional Carry, but it’s a start, and we beat Illinois. 😉

    So far, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has received over 40,000 applications (last report I saw). Criminals now have something else to consider when contemplating violent crime in Wisconsin.

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