Episode 8


In this tasty episode the Un-Named Trucker goes Cowboy. I get to shoot some fine weapons and I do an unexpectedted interview with SASS member Robert Baltimore, aka Lead Bane about his guns and ammo as well as how he got involved with the Single Action Shooting Society, SASS.

Lead kindly allowed me to shoot his Uberti Winchester 1873 clone and his two Ruger New Model Vaqueros, all in .357 magnum/.38 special.


Cowboy Action Shooting

I also offer my views on the problem of road rage, At times I sound preachy and I talk in circles somewhat. Par for the course I’d say.

And…. David’s Burgers in Conway Arkansas is located at
201 Skyline Dr # 1100 , Conway, AR 7203
(501) 327-33332
That’s just off I-40 at exit 125

Nice Shot, Lead Bane!

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  1. Fascinating views on that!

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