Episode 7


In this fine example of what happens when a man with too much free time and an MP-3 recorder get together, I lament the loss of guns that I let slip through my slightly dirty fingers. Oh the shame!

In one part of the show I mention trigger creep but I wasn’t certain what the term meant. Well here is an explanation from a poster at 1911forums.com

Trigger creep – When the gun is cocked, the sear hook and the hammer hook are engaged. That engagement prevents the hammer from dropping until the trigger is pressed. Once the trigger contacts the other internal parts, and you keep pulling the trigger; there may be slight additional movement between the surface of the sear hook against the surface of the hammer hook as they disengage. That movement may produce trigger creep. Hooks that are longer than spec increase creep. Polished surfaces reduce friction and creep. Hooks that are shorter than spec can reduce creep but increase risk of the sear / hammer engagement slipping – which may drop the hammer to half-cock.

Trigger slack (Take-up) – The loose movement of the trigger (forward / backward) before it contacts the other internal parts (disconnector, etc.). Some slack is necessary to enable the disconnector and other internal parts to work right.

This week’s episode was distorted in Nebraska. I was too long winded and simultaneously lazy to get into their gun laws. You can peruse them here:

In 2009 Ammo was hard to find but I was able to buy reloaded ammo from the range and at 1 Walmart store 20 miles from my house if I got there early in the morning when their supply came in. They let you buy 2 whole boxes at a time.
Guns I loved and Lost:

Springfield Armory XD-45 compact
SA XD-40 subcompact
SA XD-9 subcompact
Smith and Wesson M&P 40c
S&W M&P 9c with Crimson Trace laser grips
2 different Kel Tec PF-9’s
Kahr PM9
Remington 770 in .243 Win
Ruger Mini-14 .223 Remington
Glock 17 Gen 3
Glock 19 Gen 3
Sig Sauer P229 Gen 3 SAS, .357 Sig

Farewell old friends…I’m so…stupid.

Rent a bunch of different guns BEFORE you buy!!!

The ProArms podcast on the .357 sig cartridge is Episode 55

Foodie Corner: Sam Bass Saloon and Steakhouse in Big Springs, NE

Please excuse the lack of actual hyperlinks. I will try to learn how to use a computer soon.

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