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Episode 6

Carry Comfort while driving. I discuss different holster positions for driving in your 4-wheeler, 18-wheeler or RV-wheeler. Texas gun laws get a holler. Cow Camp Steakhouse in Decatur, Texas should be on your bucket list. Unless you are stupid.

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Episode 5

In this really big trucking show, I share with the growing RoadGunner Nation the reasons I decided to carry a gun in the first place. Arizona gets some light shed on Its wonderful gun laws. East Coast breakfast chain gets … Continue reading

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Episode 4

With a new sponsor, Parsley aboard, things are looking up for the Nation’s first truckin’ and gunnin’ podcast. In this episode I┬ádiscuss different carry cases for your shooting irons suitable for long distance travel. Also talked about are Oregon’s gun … Continue reading

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Episode 3

Oh Wow! Episode 3 already? Yeah. Listen, laugh, levitate. In this episode, The Un-Named Trucker compares defensive driving with Col. Jeff Cooper’s color codes of situational awareness. The episode was recorded in Colorado and T.U.T.(The Un-Named Trucker) goes over some … Continue reading

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Episode 2

The Man with a face for radio and a voice for sign language goes to an IDPA match and then some more talky followed by some face noise.

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