Trucker’s Texas Invasion


Last week I was in Texas, taking it over for my own use. People didn’t cooperate as planned so I hung out with some famous Texans: Bob Mayne and Ben Branam. We’re doing a class together along with my fellow Massad Ayoob Group Instructor, Tracy Thronburg in San Antonio in November and you can sign up here – Beyond Concealed Carry Advanced.

We had lunch at an awesome burger joint called Biff Buzby’s. Totally worth a trip!

Cooper’s barbecue in New Braunfels has the best brisket EVER! (And space enough for your bobtail or straight truck!)

Almost forgot; I had a very beer-soaked conversation with Tim Crosnoe about Project Appleseed.

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NRA Annual Meeting 2015


This episode contains a lot of fun audio from the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. I didn’t talk to any of the manufacturers because it was a last minute trip and I didn’t have a Media Badge. Also I just didn’t care.

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Liberty 101 with Maverik


Travis loses his mind, his religion and his chains but, still has his guns.

Check out FreeTalkLive, Freedom, and School Sucks Podcast for more coherent freedom oriented information. Send hate mail to




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The Proper Care and Feeding of Revolvers – With Grant Cunningham


This show contains Chaz’s conversation with noteworthy author and acclaimed gunsmith, Grant Cunningham!

Chaz and Grant at SHOT Show 2015

Chaz and Grant at SHOT Show 2015

Chaz's new Ruger GP100

Chaz’s new Ruger GP100


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The Tactical Homesteader


Listen in on our conversation as Chaz chats with homesteader and firearms instructor, Jody Box – The Tactical Homesteader.

Check out his YouTube channel: The Tactical Homesteader

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Meet The Armed Couples Podcast! and Glock vs. Glock


The episode contains a conversation I had with two of America’s newest and sure to be favorite armed lifestyle podcast. Check out their show, The Armed Couples Podcast.

Melissa and Toby were my generous hosts recently at Farmer Browns Steakhouse in Waterloo, Nebraska – home to the finest Prime Rib in the Midwest! 5 Golden Chickens!

Also, I articulate my reasons for choosing the Glock 26 over the Glock 19.


Soteria Leather Athena Holster

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SHOT Show Wrap Up


This week we lay it all out on the table with our SHOT Show 2015 audio. Interviews include Travis Noteboom VP of Marketing with Nighthawk Custom Firearms, Mike Barham from Galco Gunleather, Zack Carlson of Lonewolf Distributors, and we hear from our Co-Host, Travis “Mav” McQuivey!

Not to be forgotten, Squashy opens his Mail Pouch for all to see and hear!

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Kombucha Kidd and The Blade


Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy and Grant Cunningham of Personal Security Institute joined me for an outstanding conversation about mindset, training, SHOT Show 2015 and Hair.

Paul has invented an exciting new product designed to enhance the function of the Smith and Wesson Shield pistols! Listen in to find out more.

By my inaccurate calculations, this show is Episode 150!

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Ranges, Restaurants and Gun Reviews


In this episode I review Discount Guns in Federal Way, WA and chip in my two schillings on the CZ-75 Compact and the Springfield XDs 9mm 3.0

Also reviewed is Abel’s Diner in Schertz, TX

Yes, this is the THIRD episode of the Year and the Month!

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Pre-SHOT Goodness, Reviews, Squashy’s Mail Pouch and Stuff.


This week I answer a question from the much neglected sack of Voicemail Goodness, Sticks from Armed Squirrels Project asks a question and I kinda answer. Call 501-208-8805 to send in your own question.

I do a review of the very popular Glock 42 single stack .380 ACP semiautomatic pistol.

And getting back to the show’s roots, I do a restaurant review. Check out Ronnie’s Boudin and Cracklin‘ in Hammond, LA. Yeah, there’s truck parking!

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Happy New Year!


This week I am joined by Jon Hodoway, Director of Training and Social Media for Nighthawk Custom Firearms and Owner of Nighthawk Custom Training Academy as well as my friend and fellow firearms instructor, Tracy Thronburg of KR Training and A Girl and a Gun.

We hope you enjoy our spirited conversation.

Flashbang Holsters

Can Can Concealment

Concealment Solutions

The Tactical Homesteader

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It’s a Mad Ogre Christmas!


It’s George Hill from what else do you want? Merry Christmas!

Say hello to George if you visit Blackstone Shooting Sports in Charlotte, NC and tell him Chickenhammer sent ya!

Want to meet me and your new best shooting friends next Spring? Sign up for MAG-40 April 30-May 3, 2015 at links to MAG-20 Range and MAG-20 Classroom (sign up for 1 or both!) are right on the home page under Upcoming Events. The only BS there will be Big Sexy!


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Valkyrie Defense Group


In this show we talked to Brian and Jason from Valkyrie Defense Group.

Check them out at

At least 50% of VDG loves PBR!

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It’s A Weer’d World Out There


This week his Weer’dness joins us to talk about guns, and other topics including his various appearances on the Gun Blog Variety Cast, The World Famous Squirrel Report, and his own blog at

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A Cop, A Koski, and a Commie Tommy


This episode is just full of conversations. If you’re interested in training with Tom Nelson and Massad Ayoob Group and you’re a MAG-40 or LFI-1 grad, check out MAG-80 next Summer. Visit for details.

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Glen Tate Returns!


This week, author Glen Tate talks to Chaz about his book series, 299 Days now available at

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A MAG-40 Conversation With Students and Instructors


This show has an awesome conversational interview with the instructors and students of the Oct 2014 MAG-40 event at Nighthawk Custom Training Academy.

Thanks to: Jon Hodoway, David Maglio, Don McAleer, Tracy Thronburg, Jody Box and all who participated.


Trucker and his Son, who was Most Improved Shooter

Trucker and his Son, who was Most Improved Shooter

IMG_0001_2 IMG_5805



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Trucker Talks Tips and Mas Answers Mav.


This week, Trucker gives more travel tips to stay safe in truck stops and travel centers.

Mav asks Massad Ayoob a couple questions from inside a wind tunnel.

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Squashy’s Mail Pouch, A Listener Range Report, and a Maverick.


Do your own damned show notes. I’m friggin’ tired.

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The Journey Continues


Chaz talks about his recent class at Rangemaster in Memphis, TN

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Chaz and The Nemesis (Plus Travis!)

Red-faced Bryan makes Trucker angry!

Red-faced Bryan makes Trucker angry!

Chaz chats it up with Bryan Ball-Lover of Modern Rifleman Radio about the Lee Enfield.

Check out Bryan’s Lee Enfield:

Bryan's Lee Enfield

Bryan’s Lee Enfield


Ball-Lover's Rifle

Ball-Lover’s Rifle


More Lee Enfield

More Lee Enfield

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Chaz Is Solo Because Travis Hates You and Puppies.


Chaz is solo this week. Enjoy the noise!

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Tate Vs. Hodoway


This podcast contains a conversation caught on tape back in May 2014 at MAG-40 in Conway, AR.

It contains no educational value whatsoever. Enjoy!

I am a real fan of my iPhone 5s case by Magpul. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars so far!

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Lessons Best Learned At The Range

I’ve had a small change of mind. In an earlier episode of The RoadGunner Podcast I said training is not the place to find out if guns and gear won’t work for you. While I’d prefer that to be found out on an range pre-training, it’s much better to find out in training than during a gunfight. We had a student at Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced that brought a marginal gun (for his hand, anyway) and some kind of suede or leather appendix carry holster. This was not a well designed holster (at least with this gun) and it seemed nearly impossible for him to draw with a good grip on the gun. He wanted to switch to an even smaller gun, a Taurus 709 Slim which may have made it truly impossible to draw out of this same holster. This gentleman was a bit older and had obviously spent a lot of time doing manual labor as his hands were large, rough and had calluses and large knuckles. Although his grasp on the gun improved during the class, his grip on the gun was very tenuous at first. He could not get a firing grip on his gun as it sat in this holster. He would draw by gripping the rear of the slide, then readjusting his hand to get a hold on the grip. Half the time, he came out of the holster with a weird “crab claw” grasp with both his index and middle fingers of his right hand resting on the frame and trigger guard. This was just asking for an accidental discharge or a dropped pistol.

Safety being of the utmost concern, Ben Branam, one of two lead instructors obtained a better, (but not perfect) borrowed holster as a temporary solution to this student’s drawing and re-holstering problems. The holster was of a nondescript, non-gun-specific design made of nylon and patent leather. It wasn’t ideal, but this gentleman was able to finish the class safely and with good results.

So while as an instructor I would urge all my students to bring gear, guns, ammunition, gun belts, mag pouches, and holsters known to the student to be proven reliable, I am thankful that this shooter found out with only a little embarrassment that he needed to get his equipment squared away there on the range rather than in a dark parking lot somewhere.

We can all learn from these seemingly innocent mistakes and learn the lesson that when it comes to protecting ourselves and the lives of those under the mantle of our protection, it’s best to “buy once, cry once.” Don’t be cheap when it comes to your gear. That said, not all pricey gear may work for YOU. Test your equipment with rigorous use before you trust it as life saving gear.

Please join us Oct. 2-5 at Nighthawk Custom Training Academy in Centerton, AR for MAG-40 and bring your best safety rescue equipment.

-Chaz Murray, Instructor, Nighthawk Custom Training Academy

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Mav Solo


Mav’s recording from the RoadGunner MAG20-Live Fire


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Massad Ayoob Q&A


The title says it all.

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Bob Mayne


In this episode, Bob Mayne from the HandgunWorld Podcast joins us to discuss a variety of topics.

Join us for Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced with Bob, Mayne, Ben Branam, Jon Hodoway and Jon’s Manservant.

Please Consider supporting The RoadGunner Podcast by joining the Shooter’s Club!

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The title explains it all. Former podcaster and current gun rights advocate, Porsche owner, and future Daddy join the RoadGunner podcast for some conversational goodness.

Special thanks to Ammunition Depot for providing the Instructors ammo for this week’s MAG-20 Live Fire in Conway, AR

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Ben and Mav have a Conversation


This week The Un-Named Trucker lets the new Co-Host do the heavy lifting as Ben Branam joins the show for another great conversation.

Travis did an awesome job and only tried to kick Ben off the show four times.

Please join Ben, Jon Hodoway, Bob Mayne and Chaz (The UN-Named Trucker) at Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced at Nighthawk Custom Training Academy June 7-8, 2014.

Please listen to Ben’s Podcast: Modern Self Protection

Lastly, please consider supporting the show by joining The Shooters Club

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Apex April and A Bag of Benchmade


This Quarterly podcast (just kidding, hopefully) contains a review of the Apex Carry Kit for the M&P Shield, The Benchmade Barrage Tanto, and a book review of Gavin De Becker’s The Gift Of Fear


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A Philo-Koski-cal Conversation


Wow, that title is a hell of a shoe-horning.

This episode contains a lively conversation among The Un-Named Trucker, Travis “Mav” McQuivey, and Mr. Steve Koski, Esq. about rights and the origins of rights.

We also have some audio Mav recorded at a recent IDPA match with his son.

If you’d like to participate in IDPA, check out their page and find a range near you where you can join the fun.

Mav and Koski shoot at UDPL.

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The Shaw of Wichita


Enjoy this conversation with Daniel Shaw of Thunderbird Tactical.

Please listen to Daniel’s excellent podcast: Gunfighter Cast

There is still time to register for MAG-20 Classroom, Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement in Conway, AR

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Another Conversation With Glen Tate


This week’s show features another interview with author Glen Tate of the 299 Days book series.

We talked about a variety of subjects including his ammo sponsor and the upcoming mess in Ukraine.

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Keeping Up With Kowalski


This week when I wasn’t freezing my badonkadonk off in a roadside ditch, I was editing this podcast. A couple weeks back in an ironically warmer climate in Colorado, I had lunch and a conversation with Mr. Ken Kowalski of The Rimfire Podcast and Modern Rifleman Radio.

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Talking Triggers with Bob Mayne


Show notes? Yeah. Sign up for some awesome classes!

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Greetings, Humans!


This week Weer’d Beard returns for a conversation with Trucker about gun snobbery and how to be a good baby matress.

I answer the Listener FeedBag and more…

Join me May 15-18 for MAG-40 in Conway, AR


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Holster Jabber


This episode contains the wanderings of the mind of a man behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler with too many holsters and too much time.

Don’t hesitate to steal money from our sponsors by utilizing your CHICKENHAMMER coupon code when you check out at,, and!

If you’d like to join me for some fun and valuable training, sign up for The RoadGunner Podcast MAG-40 in May of this year. Go to MAG-20 Live Fire or MAG-20 Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement or both, but don’t wait long! The class is in Conway, Arkansas May 15,16,17 and 18. Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days series will be there!

Microtel Inn and Suites in Conway is offering a special rate for MAG-20 0r 40 attendees. Mention Nighthawk Custom Training Academy of MAG-20 or MAG-40 when you book. Call 501-327-0898 for reservations.


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Post Holiday Gear Reviews


Climb aboard with Me -n- Squashy as we talk about some gear you might like to pick up with those holiday gift cards you got for Christmas.

Sign up for MAG-40 in Conway, AR quickly as seats are limited! The dates are May 15,16,17 and 18.

Sign up here through Nighthawk Custom Training Academy:

MAG-20 Live Fire with Instructor Chaz Murray

MAG-20 Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement with Instructor Massad Ayoob

Gear Picks:

GPS Wild About Shooting Large Range Bag

Streamlight ProTac 2AAA flashlight

YakTrax traction devices


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Truckin’ with Ben Branam


This week I had the pleasure of conversing with Ben Branam from Modern Self Protection. We talked mostly about Ben’s experience being an armored car driver in Southern California.

If you want to train with Ben, Bob Mayne, and myself, register for Beyond Concealed Cary Enhanced June 7 and 8, 2014 in Centerton, AR today!

Don’t know if you want to train with Bob Mayne and Ben Branam? Get a preview by joining the Shooter’s Club and get video and audio content not available anywhere else online and help The RoadGunner Podcast at the same time!

Want to meet Glen Tate and train with Ben and Bob in the Great Northwest? Sign up for Beyond Concealed Carry August 9th in Sequim, WA.

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GlenTate-ium is Discovered!


Glen Tate joins me in this episode to cover a variety of topics.

Get Book 7 of the series 299 Days here!

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That’s Just Disrespectful


This week I invited Ken Kowalski of The RimFire Podcast and Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio to join me to talk about their joint venture, Modern Rifleman Radio.

Mayhem ensues.

Today is the last day to take advantage of the special 11% off promo code FACECONE at

After 11/30/2013 you normal 10% off promo code CHICKENHAMMER will be the one to use for all your concealed carry gear.

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The Un-Named Airman


I enjoyed a day off last weekend with my son, Airman First Class Un-Named Son. We talked about his experience in boot camp last year. Enjoy!

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Gear Fest 2013


Don’t fail to take advantage of the 11% discount at when you use the special promo code FACECONE in the coupon box at checkout. This special offer ends 11/30/2013 and honors National Beard Month! Other discount codes from inferior podcasts gets you 10% off. This one goes to 11!

This week I talked about several different topics like knives, BBQ, belts and hiking boots. I also got into my own head and let it all out into the recorder. Marvel at my ramblings.

Topics covered:

Dink’s BBQ in Rogers, AR. Get the pulled pork. DO NOT ask them to pull yours first.

Cabela’s in Rogers I-540 exit 82. Go east to the store. Truckers take the very right into the 1st drive-way at the West end of the store; take a left around the back of the store past the loading docks and head straight towards the Target at the end of the lot. The tractor-trailer parking is clearly marked on your left.

Spydrco’s Delica 4 is an awesome EDC choice.

I switched to Keen hiking boots from Merrell because of their superior construction, comfort, and waterproofing.

For casual, tactical and practical gun belts, I’m digging the Wilderness Tactical Titanium Instructor Belt.



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Dr. David Hopkins, Gail Pepin, and Jon Hodoway


This week I present to you three interviews for you enjoyment.

I’d show you a short video of me shooting an MP5 submachine gun, but you can pretty much see that anywhere on youtube. Well, not me but you get my meaning.

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Heavy Stuff, Montana, and Some Housekeeping


This week I recount a recent trip to Montana and talk about some fun places to stop.

The St. Regis Travel Center at I-90 exit 33 in St. Regis, MT  and Jasper’s Restaurant is a great place to take a break, grab a bite and enjoy the scenery. They won’t give you free trout.

Our Sponsor and Bandwidth provider, Mark Houskeeper share exciting news about new products from

Trucker discusses the real weight of carrying a gun.

Wanna go shoot in Vegas? I reccomend American Shooters 

Montana gun laws.

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Koski Sandwich


In the middle of Trucker’s ramblings, we here at RGP sandwiched in a brief interview with 2013 Washington State IDPA SSP Champion Steve Koski. We thank Steve for appearing on the show again and dragging Chaz up and down Mt. Koski to shoot.

Other stuff mentioned,

RiverValley Gun Works

A flashlight suggestion from Chauncey in Hawaii: The high quality Fenix PD32

and Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. It’s the shizzle!

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Ramblin’ Man with Two Flashlights.


This week I talk about my impression of the Surefire P2X Fury Defender and Surefire G2X Pro flashlights.

I also talked about my preferred hiking footwear, The Merrell Moab line of shoes.

Arkansas has made good changes to their gun laws with Act 746 but the Attorney General (Douchebag) Dustin McDaniel has stated that the law doesn’t say what it says in his opinion

Arkansas Carry Open Carry Event

Lake Ouchita State Park is a great vacation spot.

Indian Rockhouse



The Shack


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Things Get Weer’d


This week Weer’d Beard joins me for silly talk. Then Bikeyid talks about becoming a Glock armorer.

Trucker mentions a bit about truck shtop awareness after 2 truck stop incidents catch his attention in Ohio and Texas. The victim in the Ohio shooting is expected to survive. The Texas suspect is in custody.

Please check out the Squirrel Report, SnarkyBytes and MA-rooned!


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Filthy Talk, Dirty Foreigners and other Stuff.


This show encases an interview I had the privilege of conducting with Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio. You may also hear Paul Lathrop from the Politics and Guns Podcast ask half a question as well.

Congratulations to Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry on his new podcast network!

No, I’m still network free.

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ASSERT Training with Jon Hodoway


This week I interviewed Jon Hodoway of Nighthawk Custom Training Academy about their ASSERT Training program designed to instruct teachers how to defend their schools from attackers.

One school district in Clarksville, Arkansas has completed the training at the time of this post.

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Grump and Grumpier


I thought you’d enjoy this barely intelligible interview with Miguel Gonzales of

Here is where you can visit Miggy and beat the snot out of him… at IDPA:

Tropical Sport Shooting Association

Also mentioned, the new book Law of Self Defense

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Range Safety Awareness and the Listener Feedbag


This episode touches upon range safety awareness and lament the rare but real phenomenon of gun range suicide. Sensitive listeners may wish to refrain from listening this time. I sympathize with those of you who have lost loved ones to the tragedy of suicide. If you or someone you know needs help, seek it here.

I FINALLY answer some voicemails and emails in the Listener FeedBag segment. If you want to call me, dial 501-208-8805 and leave a message of up to 3 minutes. Make it snappy, Pal!

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Magic and Miscellany


IMG_3027This week I talk a little bit about the Massad Ayoob Group Instructor Course with Tom Nelson of the Gun Dudes and Jason Christensen and I do a short range report on the Glock 30s, Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Shield, Colt New Agent and Sig Sauer 1911 TacOps.

Also mentioned, my new Spyderco Resilience.

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Exercising Personal Rights,Cover Garments, and the Nosey 10.


This week I rant about an incident with private costumed security nerds at a facility in Salt Lake City.

I discuss the garments I use to cover my ass when I’m on the road.

There are 10 States in The USA that require a permit holder to disclose to Police when they are carrying a gun, potentially violating their Fifth Amendment Rights. Those States are Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. ALWAYS know the carry laws of your State and the laws of every State in which you plan to carry a firearm. Go to to and check frequently!

Knives mentioned:

Kershaw Brawler which having had it a couple days kinda sucks.

Benchmade Barrage Tanto (WANT!)

Remember: Criminals don’t have to incriminate themselves, but you as a CCW holder might have to.

And lastly, I mention Act 746 of the Arkansas Legislature aka, body of nerds that claim the right to interfere in my daily life with arbitrary laws and stupid rules.

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The Illustrious Glen Tate Returns!


This week Mr. “Glen Tate” returns to the RoadGunner Podcast to talk about the Security State in America and a little about the latest book in the 299 Days series.

Trucker talks about Paleo Spaghetti, the Zyliss garlic press, the OXO Julienne peeler and Arkansas’ new carry laws, Specifically Act 746.

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Bugout Truckin’


This week’s show features Zach and Jeff from The Toy Store auto accessory shop and purveyors of and the blog

Zach and Jeff were recently on Bob Mayne’s show Today’s Survival. Listen to that show here.

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Defend Your Nuts


This week my co-host Nick from the New Shooter Podcast and I discuss Bolt Defense and Polymer .45’s. Enjoy!

Stuff Mentioned:

Crye Precision

Glock 21 Gen 4

Springfield Armory XDm .45



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Nighthawk Custom’s Craig Gholson



Nighthawk Custom T4

Nighthawk Custom T4

Nighthawk Custom‘s Craig Gholson returns to The RoadGunner Podcast and talks with me about The new T4 and their .22LR conversion kits for 1911’s. Let me tell you, the men and women of Nighthawk are rightly proud of their work.

No one ever complains that they could buy 10 Ford F-150’s for the price of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The difference is if you save your nickels YOU might actually own a Nighthawk Custom someday.

I will.

The .22 conversion kits are definitely affordable and give superior accuracy according to Craig.

Also in this episode, I open and graze through the Listener Feedbag.

T4 9mm

T4 9mm

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IMG_20130327_110009_588I think this is the 100th episode of your Second Favorite Podcast, now network-free and independent like me!

Big name guests Massad Ayoob and Jon Hodoway discuss the current war on gun owners and the ammo crisis. Mas and Jon are sponsors of the show through the Massad Ayoob Group and Nighthawk Custom Training Academy. Check them out by clicking their logos at the right side of this page.

Paul Lathrop describes a Tasty vist to the Petro in Clearwater, Minnesota with some fine broadcast quality audio. Try the apple fritters. Check out his podcast, The Politics and Guns Podcast on the Gun Rights Radio Network!

The Un-Named Trucker opines on the silliest suggestion for a truck gun EVER!

You need legal help and advice after a self defense incident. Check out the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

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It’s all the Rage


This week I describe a road rage incident that I experienced in mASSachusetts.

Speaking of MASS, do me a favor and check out The Squirrel Report, Weer’d Beard, and Jay from MArooned. The Squirrel Report is not a duck. And neither are you.

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The Civil War, 1911’s and Peterbilts


This week I go all over the place. Topics discussed:

The Real Lincoln by Thomas Dilorenzo, a fascinating look back at the real causes and effects of the Civil War, or War Of Northern Aggression. I first heard of this book from reading, if you are a traditional Democrat or Republican, the articles there may offend your sensibilities so be warned.

I also analogize about the relationship of the 1911 pistol to the Glock 19 in relationship to the differences and similarities between the Peterbilt 379 and the Freightliner Cascadia.

I also answer some listener feedbag.

Please visit and pre-order your horizontal carry magazine holders for Glock magazines from now until Mar. 24, 2013! Only $19.99! Mention this podcast in the order notes (trucker, roadgunner, squashy the roadrunner possum, etc.) AND use the coupon code “chickenhammer” in the coupon box to get FREE standard shipping! That’s dough than the GunDudes offer! Do it soon, this price is a special offer only for the listeners of The RoadGunner Podcast for a limited time.


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Gun Control Discussion


I had a discussion on air with my friend Thommy Noodlez last week on his show, Idiots In A Box. We kept it clean and fun. No one was injured during the recording of the show.

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A Tale of Two Truckers


I bumped into Paul Lathrop of the Politics and Guns Podcast this week in Kalifornia so we decided to record our conversation for posterity.

Topics discussed:

Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat


California 10 round magazine restrictions.

Pot Roast.

New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Travel Tips:

Watch your step when traveling to or through Indian Reservations and Indian Casinos with firearms.

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Interview with Ron Larimer of When The Balloon Goes Up


Hi y’all! This week I interview Ron Larimer of When The Balloon Goes Up!

I’m in Cuddle Code Condition Taupe at all times.


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Thoughts on Liberty…and The Listener Feedbag


For the first February episode, I answer the piles of listener feedback in the Listener Feedbag segment. For the remainder of the show I talk about what’s on my mind.

Glock brags that it sells 25,000 guns to the Imperialist Brits.

I still tell a listener to buy a Glock 26 instead of a Sig P250.

I tell a listener my feelings on The Arkansas Defense Force then tell him to join CASA (Central Arkansas Shooters Assoc.) instead.

And… Miguel from The Gun Free Zone issues an apology(?).


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Another Hodcast: Nighthawk Custom


Jon Hodoway joins me this week for a discussion about SHOT Show, Nighthawk Custom Firearms and Nighthawk Custom Training Academy.

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Now What?


President Obama has ben re-inaugurated. You want to lash out, you want someone to blame. May I suggest refocusing your energy on making a positive change. Do you want to know what to do? Here is a simple way to express your desires to your legislators, the President, VP, and Governor. Courtesy of Ruger. Thanks to all the listeners who sent in the link, especially Gregg Chrissakis and Chuck Boylan.

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Tactical Talk with Tactical Tom


Sit in on our conversation as The RoadGunner Podcast cops a free lunch off of Tactical Tommy of The Gundudes.

Edible Critter!

Edible Critter!


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The Mad Ogre


George Hill, aka George of the Hill, aka The Mad Ogre joins The Un-Named Trucker for a spirited and manly discussion about Un-Birthday dancing and panic gun buying.

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John McGregor of Gunfighter Cast


I convinced Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast to loan me his sidekick, John McGregor so we could talk about civilian and Law Enforcement firearms training.

New Hampshire gun laws were also discussed.

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OMG! It’s Huge! (Glen Tate, Mark Houskeeper)


Yes, Friends; this is a huge episode. The RoadGunner Podcast welcome Glen Tate, author of 299 Days to the show with a lengthy and intriguing interview.

The Un-Named Trucker opines on the Sandy Hook atrocity but if you want real insight on the latest horrible gun crimes then please look to Massad Ayoob or Kathy Jackson.

Larry Correia is the man to look to when combatting the pushers of gun cuntrol.

At the end of the show Mark Houskeeper of joins me to talk about what’s coming up in 2013.

Check out my fan page for photos of the new grips on the 1911.

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Turkey, Thai, Trucking, Talking.


Nick from the New Shooter Podcast and the founder of Bolt Defense talk about a veritable potpourri of topics in this fine December offering from The RoadGunner Podcast.

Topics Discussed:

Bob Costas is an ill-informed d-bag.

Rory Miller Blog on bullying.

Don’t be This Guy.

Taser C2

Fancy-ass turkeys!

Shepard Hills Outlet. Park your rig and buy a knife.

Wusthof 4582 8″ Cooks Knife (of the gods.)

Thai 9, Scarborough, ME

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Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers and two guys from Utah.


This week I crammed for dudes into the cab of my truck along with my wife and three dogs and a rice cooker  so that we could do some podcastin’

Mark Houskeeper from joins Jason Christensen and my co-host Nick to talk Eggnog, mag holders, hawks, guns, and gifts.

We talked about lots o’ non firearms affordable gift ideas for firearms enthusiasts.

Streamlight ProTac 600 lumen zombie melter.

Maglula mag loader by Uplula

Kershaw Blades

All I want for Christmas is a 5.11 Chameleon Soft Shell jacket from

And we talked about NOG!

Clover Stornetta, the nog Nick talked about.

And finally the nog I desire, but haven’t been able to try: Kalona Supernatural 

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Does The Government Own Your Body?

A couple of nights ago I was at my company’s terminal in Southwest Missouri dropping off a load of apples and pears at the yard. The trailer’s eventual destination was Florida, but I’m off for the next 9 days for Thanksgiving and for my The Un-Named Son’s graduation from Air Force Basic Training. I’m headed down to San Antonio tomorrow.

When I pulled into the fueling bay and stopped the truck, I was notified by the attendant that I had been selected for a “random.” A “random” being a random drug test. I wish I was as randomly lucky in gambling because this is the fourth random drug test I’ve done this year and they haven’t let me test any drugs at all, not once! All they ever have me do is piss in a cup and they bottle it up and send it to a lab.

Since the Government owns my body I guess it’s all well and good, right? The Government keeps us safe and warm and it causes the sun to shine and the stars to dance (on TV.) The Government keeps us all safe by keeping evil truckers like myself honest and pure and clean by telling me what substances I can or cannot put into the body they claim ownership of. Random piss screenings ensure that no stupid, evil truck driver will ever ingest an evil plant that grows so fast and so readily that it’s referred to as WEED.

If the Government can outlaw weed, it can outlaw any plant for any reason. If the Imperials in DC want to outlaw tomatoes, potatoes, poison ivy, and bermuda grass they can and will.

If the Government can tell you what you can or cannot put in your body, they are making a de facto statement of ownership over your body. Just try to grow pot in your back yard. Grow enough of it along with your evil medicinal herbs and men in black kevlar body armor armed with actual assault rifles (not civilian semi-automatics incorrectly called assault weapons) will come to your house, break down your door, and take physical possession of their “property” at gun point. That property being YOU, as well as everything you own. If you resist sufficiently, they will terminate your life.

Now tell me who owns your body.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you think that random drug tests are a good idea, just remember that they are relatively easy to beat. Just Google “Pass Drug Test Weed” and 872,000 results pop up.

I don’t do drugs, but I could if I wanted to and I could pass the pee pee test regardless of how many times I am subjected to the Government’s reaffirmation that they own my body.

I don’t do drugs because I’m not particularly inclined to do them. Most drivers aren’t, and that’s the real reason we have the safest highways in recorded history. New technology, safer cars, better roads and better trucks keep us safe, not DOT mandated hours of service logs and DOT mandated random drug tests. Next some an uniformed trucker or motorist tries to tell you differently, you tell ’em to talk to me. I’ll put ’em straight.


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Truckin’ on Gas


In the trucking world, gas comes in many forms; from the wind emanating from the mouths of fools at truck stop lunch counters to the super-chilled methane making its way into the fuel tanks of big rigs, gas is taking over the transportation insdustry.

In this RoadGunner Half Cast, The Un-Named trucker talks about how to make coin as a truck driver and the future of “green” natural gas fuel for semis.

Please visit Ben’s eBay store and buy yourself or a loved one some Second Amendment Jewelry. When you email Ben at and put chickenhammer in the subject line, Ben will discount your order by 20% or give you free priority shipping, your choice. Help out a RoadGunner Podcast listener and show your pride in the shooting sports.

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The Long-winded One Talks Water and Evolution.


Well, I sorta talk about evolution; as in the evolution of my concealed carry system over the years.


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American Status Report

Hiya, Gang! I’m gonna try something new here at the RoadGunner Podcast since ya’ll have been so generous as to provide me with a new mobile computin’ platform: Blogging!

Oh how exciting!

I’m currently haunting the parking lot of the Travel Centers of America truck stop and world’s largest outdoor urinal in Santa Nella, California.

It’s been an awesome day today, the weather is spectacular and the weekday driving has been a breeze in the wilds of California’s San Joaquin Valley. I’ve seen quite a few signs along the route that say “Stop The Congress Created Dust Bowl.” It’s brutally dry out here RoadGunners; even the hearty weeds are dying of thirst. Without water brought down from Northern California via the California Aquifer, this area would remain a barren dry lake bed from ancient times. With the Aquifer however, it has become America’s produce basket.

Some time ago, Congress decided that the Delta Smelt, a diminutive fish that lives in the Aquifdr was far more imporant than providing jobs and food to humans and began reducing the water allotment to California’s farms, orchards and such.

What I saw today and have been observing for some time now confused me. Some orchards and vineyards were clearly dead while others were clearly thriving. There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason for which operations were allowed to have water and which were allowed to thrive.

Whose pockets are been lined with money to keep some ag businesses alive and some are left to wither?

I’m pointing the finger at Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Governor Moonbeam.

My livelihood is interconnected deeply with California produce. As a team driver hauling coast to coast, I spend a lot of time picking up produce and delivering it to various distribution centers for major suppliers you would no doubt be familiar with.

It’s a shame that politicians are allowed to jack with human life in this way for their own pleasure and power.

California is a great place. It’s a shame that the citizens of this fine State continue to elect rulers who are working diligently to destroy it.


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Live Free Or Die


A Freedom Rant from your second favorite podcast plus a review of the Leatherman Wave.

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Value Multi-Tools: Wingman and Suspension


I have many interests besides guns. Multitools are cool and everyone should have at least one of them, but where to start? The Gerber Suspension multi-plier or the Leatherman Wingman are great choices. Both are rugged, useful pieces with an attractive, affordable price. My vote is for the Leatherman.

Gerber Suspension

Gerber Suspension

Leatherman Wingman

Wingman Belt Clip

Wingman, tools peacocked



And some pics of Jason Christensen’s fine work that I mentioned in the show.

Concealment Solutions OWB holster for Kimber Pepper Blaster II

Concealment Solutions Combo Mag/Flashlight carrier





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Interviews with Massad Ayoob and Trevor Furlotte


Thanks to all my listeners and sponsors for making my new computer and thus the show possible. This week’s show contains interviews with Massad Ayoob, the director of the Massad Ayoob Group and Trevor Furlotte of Canadian Reload Radio Fame.

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Truck Stops and Good Eats


Paul Lathrop joins The Un-Named Trucker and truck stops, a new laptop for the trucker and many other things are discussed.

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Traveling With Firearms


Bob Mayne of the HandgunWorld Podcast, Richard, Anthony, and Mark talk about traveling with firearms at a MAG/40 class at Nighthawk Custom Training Academy.

Bob sez, “Regarding the part about notifying border patrol agents, I looked it up and I don’t believe we are required to notify them because they are Federal agents, not local law enforcement.”

Please remember that while this show discusses the law, we are not lawyers and nothing said constitutes legal advice. The responsibility for knowing and complying with the law is solely yours.


TSA regulations on flying with firearms

Roundup of different airlines’ firearm rules

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Stoopid Safety


The Un-Named Trucker & Nick talk Stoopid Safety: things that are supposed to make you safer but don’t.


Bystanders in Empire State Building murder shot by NYPD: Gunman Dies After Killing at Empire State Building, additional links & commentary from Miguel over at Gun Free Zone.

Chicago: 5 dead, at least 16 wounded in weekend shootings. Also, Chicago Homicides Outnumber U.S. Troop Killings In Afghanistan.

The dishonestly-titled CBS San Francisco scare piece ‘Bullet Button’ Used To Get Around California Gun Laws prompted State Senator Leland Yee to introduce SB 249, which would have retroactively made thousands of law-abiding California gun owners felons with the stroke of a pen. The actual assault weaons law explicitly permits devices like the Bullet Button magazine release, which the bill sought to ban.

The case of Jackson v San Francisco challenges San Francisco’s “safe” gun storage laws, prohibition of discharging a firearm for any purpose (including self defense), and ammunition restrictions. It’s one of many brought by the NRA Institute for Legislative Action and the California Rifle & Pistol Association Foundation, which is one of the many reasons it’s so important to support these organizations and others like them: they’re out there getting our backs, and it aint free.

Gun control in general is really a safety program for people who want to hurt other people with impunity – see the JPFO Genocide Chart (PDF).

Not mentioned in the episode, but also ridiculous: in Lousiana, only full-time law enforcement officers can have “rescue knives”:

As used in this Subsection, a “rescue knife” is a folding knife, which can be readily and easily opened with one hand and which has at least one blade which is designed to be used to free individuals who are trapped by automobile seat belts, or at least one blade which is designed for a similar purpose. No blade of a rescue knife shall exceed five inches in length.

Who besides a police officer could ever need to cut a trapped person out of a car?

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mark Craighead of Crossbreed Holsters, who recently passed away.

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An Interview with Gary Slider of


The Unnamed Trucker and Paul Lathrop interview Gary Slider, one of the people behind

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The Hodcast


Jon Hodoway joins The Unnamed Trucker and Co-Host Paul Lathrop and the conversation goes everywhere.

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Sore Thumb


This week Nick and The Un-Named Trucker talk about mindset, training, wheel guns, and naked pandas.

The primary RoadGunner mainframe computer took a major dump so there is no music no intro and no nothing in this week’s episode. This may take a few weeks to correct.

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A Mixed Trailer: Kansas, Kahr, Caring.


This week I talk a lot about a little of everything. Food, Firearms and Fun! It’s old-school RoadGunner Podcast at its finest.

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First Aid First Hand From Afghanistan


This week Nick and I interview Ken Kowalski of The Rimfire Podcast and quiz him on fun stuff like sucking chest wounds and .22 conversion kits.

Here’s some links for stuff we talked about.

TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) guidelines about providing care under fire (2011 edition)

Comparison of Hemostatic Efficacy of ChitoGauze and Combat Gauze in a Lethal Femoral Arterial Injury in Swine Model
Online view in Google Docs:

Contents of the pocket blow-out kit

This stuff takes up about as much room as a wallet:


Hemcon ChitoGauze (hemostatic)

SWAT-T Tourniquet/Pressure Dressing


NPA (Nasopharyngeal Airway, size 28 Fr) + lube


NAR 14ga x 3.25″ chest decompression needle

Heart attack

Aspirin, 325mg

Allergic reactions

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)

Personal Protection

Gloves, nitrile (x4)
These are the chest seals Ken was talking about:

NAR HyFin Chest Seal

I carry the Halo brand in my medium & large kits (mainly because the manufacturer explicitly states that you can fold them up for carry but they don’t have an easy-to-see red pull-tab like the HyFins):
Civilian tactical medicine courses
NorCal MedTac
Lone Star Medics
Suarez International
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Cynicism is Fun!


This week, Paul Lathrop of the Politics and Guns Podcast listens to me moan about the weasels in Washington and I make predictions that have already been proven correct.

Ignore my whining and go out to meet Danny Cifuentes of Precision Target at Wahsatch Shooters Assoc. July 14 from 0900 to 1400 MDT. Come see the fine quality, affordable steel target that he has to offer. Range fee is $7

DOJ will protect Holder


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A Windy Trucker


Ah, Sunday! A day of peace, a day of podcasts. In this episode I kvetch about Rahm Emanuel in Gun-Free Chicago. If you are a partisan liberal of the Democrat persuasion, you ain’t going to love me or this show afterwards.

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Massad Ayoob on CCW laws.

My favorite cop shares his wisdom on CCW laws around the USA.

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It’s 1911 all over again!


Expert commentary from John McGregor of The Gunfighter Cast and amateur musings from listeners and The Un-Named Trucker.

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MAG-40 Audio Antics


This show contains audio from MAG-40 in Centerton, Arkansas with Bob Mayne, Jon Hodoway, and Gail Pepin. Listen, enjoy, and be befuddled.

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Interview with Massad Ayoob


This show contains an interview with the Legendary Massad Ayoob.

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Trucker Returns! Interviews with Nighthawk Custom


I had a blast at MAG-40 in Centerton, Arkansas last week as an ASSistant intrucructor. Luckily I proved myself worthy and shot a perfect 300 out of 300 score on the pace-setter for the Qualifier. Before the students shoot, the instructors take a turn at the line to show the students what to expect. I was nervous at the prospect of shooting poorly while 34 students watched, but I prevailed. The top student shooter scored 298 out of 300. Bob Mayne of the Handgun World Podcast shot a respectable 292, but he still owes me dinner!

This week’s show contains interviews from Craig Gholson, CEO of Nighthawk Custom and Shawn Armstrong, Director of Training and Special Initiatives at Nighthawk Custom. Gail Pepin provides jargon alerts and Massad Ayoob provides relevant questions.

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A User Review of Concealment Solutions Holsters

Charlz9mm reviews The Micro Mamba and the Black Mamba.

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Paul Lathrop Guest Hosts


I’m at home in Arkansas for MAG-40 this week. Paul Lathrop of the Politcs and Guns Podcast takes a turn behind the wheel of the show for me.

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HalfCast: Listener Contributions


This week, I let the listeners lend a helping hand with some reviews. First up, Brian gives us a synopsis of his new Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Shield.

After that MarC gives us some tips on trauma shears and revives an old RoadGunner favorite fake sponsor.

In the preamble of the show, I talk a little about Rob Pincus take on subcompact 1911’s.

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HalfCast: So you wanna be a trucker?


This half cast contains a variety of tips and opinions on what it takes to become a trucker and carry guns in the truck like I do.

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The Loneliest Road…and Rants


A hodge-podge of info and rants this week. Happy MayDay, Commies!

Info for firearms users traveling to Canada.

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